Fall Line Ski Club rock climbing

Thursday, November 19

Indoor Rock Wall Climbing at GRAVITY VAULT, 333 Preston Ave., Voorhees, NJ, 7:00 PM

Time to get those legs in shape for ski season. For those who have done this, it’s great fun and can be as challenging as you want it to be. Some walls are easy to climb, like a step ladder (with really tiny steps). Others require a little more strength and nerve (just like your first Black Diamond ski run). 

The Gravity Vault in Voorhees has 17,000 square feet of vertical “turf” with heights ranging from 25 to 40 feet. The walls have ratings (just like ski slopes) that range from easy to gravity-defying. Cost varies depending on number of climbers: $32.50 each for 2 climbers, $30 each for 3 climbers, $29 each for 4 climbers. Sessions last one hour. Instruction and all equipment (shoes, harnesses) are included. They have professional staff who will hook you into the harness and keep a tight line on your rope as you ascend, then lower you safely to the floor. They also have “auto-belay” walls where you work without a staff member using a line that automatically tightens as you ascend. Groups of 5 or more get 90 minutes on the wall (60 minutes if less than 5).

 I need a head count by Monday 10/16 and everyone who goes must complete an online waiver. Please text me at 856-761-2863 or email me at [email protected] See you on the wall.