Fall Line Ski CluB Membership

Membership in the club is required for all events with limited availability.  Social events with unlimited availability are open to everyone. Social Events are held throughout the year and include events such as hiking, biking, happy hours , the movies, etc.  All are welcome at our events as well as at the General Meetings to see what Fall Line Ski Club is all about and what our club has to offer.

Club membership is on an annual basis and starts with our fiscal year on May 1st and ends April 30th. The cost of membership is $25.00 for individuals 21 and older and $55.00 for a family with children 15-20 years old.    

Joining our Club is as easy as filling out a Membership Application and submitting payment. If you have any questions, contact us by E-mail or  Phone (215) 357-2305 or stop in at the membership table at any meeting.   Newsletters will be emailed to you each month in a “pdf” format.  If you wish a copy of the paper newsletter mailed to you monthly per fiscal year (until April) you can pay an extra $5 for that service.

For a copy of our Membership Application, just click on the button below this text.  This is a PDF application which can be filled in right on your computer before printing.  Just click on each area to begin typing or click on the check boxes to enter a checkmark. Print the application, sign it and mail it along with a check made out to “Fall Line Ski Club” in the appropriate amount to the address on the bottom of the application

“Our mission is to provide the most authentic, top quality experience for adventurous people like you who wish to discover remarkable places with remarkable people“

Member Benefits

As a current member of Fall Line Ski Club, you have some wonderful benefits. You will receive weekly emails, keeping you up-to-date with activities and events so that you don’t miss out on what we are offering to our members.In addition, your membership card entitles you to the following benefits so be sure to carry your card in your wallet.  Check out all that is offered to you at the bullet items below and click on the links to go to the corresponding websites.  Your membership entitles you:

FLSC Winter Member Benefits

For any questions, please contact us at .  If you need a current membership card, please go to the Membership table at the next monthly meeting or send a self-addressed and stamped envelope to:
        FLSC Membership
        112 Stephenson Way
        Huntingdon Valley, PA  19006-2229

members code of conduct

Fall Line Ski Club is an active adult social club that welcomes members from all races, religions, ethnic backgrounds and walks of life. The club encourages individuality as well as team spirit, camaraderie, and good spirited fun. We believe that, as adults, we are all responsible for our own behavior and do not intend for the board of directors to act as a legislator or a mediator in most situations. However, we do realize there may be times that certain actions or disputes among members need to be addressed and/or mediated. In the interest of clarifying the board’ s role, as well as members’ rights, we have therefore adopted the following policies with respect to member conduct.

We expect all members to treat each other with mutual respect. Behavior and/or communication by a member that by its nature could be considered threatening, intimidating, harassing, or abusive to other members or guests participating in club activities is considered unacceptable. Members may not use the club as a forum to publish, post, distribute, or disseminate defamatory, infringing, obscene, or other unlawful material or information, and may not otherwise engage in any illegal activities while participating in any club activity. The board may review and take any action it believes to be appropriate or necessary with respect to any member whose behavior it deems inappropriate, offensive or that violates this Code of Conduct while participating in club activities. Such action includes, but is not limited to, a written warning, removal from a club event, or suspension or revocation of club privileges and/or membership. When participating in a club activity, you agree to be bound to these rules and any other rules pertaining to that specific activity.

Any individual(s) who is(are) personally aggrieved by another member or who witnesses another member engaging in what they believe to be inappropriate conduct during any club activity should feel free to and is encouraged to address the issue with the perceived offender if at all possible. If for some reason it is not possible to address the issue with the perceived offender or the issue persists after the issue was addressed to the perceived offender, then the aggrieved individual(s) is(are) encouraged next to report the issue with the trip leader for resolution. In the event the aggrieved individual(s) is(are) not satisfied with the resolution of the issue, then as a last resort the aggrieved individual(s) may report such incident to any member of the board.
That board member will then report the incident to the board of directors as a whole. The board will consider   the matter at its next regularly scheduled meeting and will determine what action, if any, is appropriate. The aggrieved individual(s) should present available documentation and/or names of potential witnesses to support the complaint. The board may opt to consult with the appropriate committee chair or other key individuals who may be able to offer information that is pertinent to the grievance. Depending on the nature of the grievance, the aggrieved individual(s) may be asked to attend the board meeting to present their grievance in person.
 If the board finds that the grievance warrants disciplinary action being taken against a member, the board will notify that member of the allegations against him or her and such member will be afforded the opportunity to send a written response and/or speak to the board on his or her own behalf. If the board thereafter determines that action should be taken against the member, both the offending member and the complaining member will be informed, in writing , of the decision and to what extent action will be taken. It is the board’s intent that all such reviews and resulting actions be kept confidential.

Trip Leaders agree to abide by the Club’s Code of Conduct as set forth in the By Laws. Trip Leaders are reminded that they are a representative of Fall Line Ski Club. Trip Leaders are expected to lead by example and take appropriate steps, as necessary, to remind all participants on a trip of the Club’s Code of Conduct. In the event a trip leader is unable to fulfill their duties as a Trip Leader while the trip is underway due to an unforeseen situation including incapacity due to any reason, arrangement will be made to turn over the responsibilities and duties of the trip leader as follows:  
Most Senior (by position) Board Member Officer;
Most Senior Board Member at large;
Such other member who may be designated after consultation with the President and/or the Chair of either the Winter Trip Committee or Social Events or Trip Coordinator.