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Fall Line Ski Club book club

Monday, August 12 - Note new date!

Book Club, 6:30 PM at The Taproom, 427 W. Crystal Lake Ave., Haddon Twp., NJ

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“The Paris Affair” by Theresa Grant

“The Paris Affair” by Theresa Grant


From the ashes of war rise the secrets of its darkest hearts. . .

In the wake of the Battle of Waterloo, Paris is a house divided. The triumphant Bourbons flaunt their victory with lavish parties, while Bonapartists seek revenge only to be captured and executed. Amid the turmoil, British attaché and Intelligence Agent Malcolm Rannoch and his wife, Suzanne, discover that his murdered half-sister, Princess Tatiana Kirsanova, may have borne a child—a secret she took to the grave. And Malcolm suspects there was more than mere impropriety behind her silence. . .

As Malcolm and Suzanne begin searching for answers, they learn that the child was just one of many secrets Tatiana had been keeping. The princess was the toast of Paris when she arrived in the glamorous city, flirting her way into the arms of more than a few men—perhaps even those of Napoleon himself—and the father must be among them. But in the melee of the Napoleonic Wars, she was caught up in a deadly game, and now Malcolm and Suzanne must race against time to save the child from a similar fate. . .

“Twists and turns galore, swashbuckling adventure and suspense throughout..for readers in search of smart historical mysteries.” –Tasha Alexander, New York Times bestselling author

“I loved this book! No one else can combine page-turning suspense, fascinating mystery, a palpable sense of time and place, with such unforgettable and masterfully-drawn characters. Superb!” –Deborah Crombie, New York Times bestselling author

There are many places to get books. Your local Library (free) you can get books, CD’s or on your e-reader (Nook, Kindle, Smart Phone & etc.) From the Library you can get (must have a Library card) download the apps Overdrive, Libby, Hoopla, there are also get free movies. There are many sites that offer books anywhere from free to $2.99 each. Chirp is another audio book site that offers books every day from .99 to 4.99 every day. There is no membership, just pay for the book and listen on your phone or blue-tooth.

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